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We provide a wide range of opportunities for each business area. Drupal, of course, has no boundaries and allows for implementing projects of any capacity.

However, there are several industries for which our expertise and services will be best suited.

  • Go Agile
  • Make it Turn-key

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Flexible Methodology

We prefer to stay flexible as much as possible, keeping in mind that requirements can be changed along the way in real-world circumstances. If you don't have enough initial Drupal project input for precise quote calculations, we go Agile to study your business requirements and implement the project incrementally, where each stage includes accurate project planning, development, and release.

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Openness as a Value

Going Agile might not be suitable for every project, so we also offer the turn-key development option, providing you have defined clear project scope and the list of requirements. 

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Industries we serve

We love working with start-ups! We are your reliable partner for assisting in every step of your journey or for getting your business to a new level.
This is one of the most sensitive and extremely precise industries. No room for error! Drupal can give that extra security with robust websites to serve the healthcare domain properly.
Dynamic news, easy navigation, and search, authoring and user permissions, excellent content management - all this is just the tip of the iceberg for a media portal. This is one of the fields of our competencies, so we are happy to take up solutions in this domain.
Educational portals and Drupal are a match made in heaven, allowing for demonstrating the content of any complexity and interacting with users at multiple levels. In our opinion, Drupal fits education like no other technology.
Retail is an extremely vast domain yet our expertise covers all the areas where Drupal can be of value there. Just provide us with the initial scope of your tasks at hand, and we will take it from here to deliver your powerful new content management solution.
Construction places serious demands on content-operating platforms. Yet for Drupal, these requirements for the prompt provision of the required information to users as well as the high quality of optimization are all just minor challenges.

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Natalia Osipchik
Strategy and Business development
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